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  This is a very comprehensive worldwide site which searches data on companies in 30 industries in 65 countries. The U. S. section has a specific U. S. Private Company area which contains an exhaustive set of useful links. It also provides profiles on public companies by state, covering 248 companies in Ohio..
  This site provides information on more than 100 Federal Agencies reporting annual expenditures of at least $500,000 on any of 400 different topics. It even has special web pages which most of the Agencies maintain for children in elementary through high school. If you need demographic or economic data for marketing research this is a valuable starting point., Inc. is a public (NASDAQ: ONVI) company specializing in “B2G.” Its goal is to help businesses secure government contract and to assist government agencies in finding suppliers and bidders online. Through this site it manages the distribution and reporting of RFPs (Requests for Proposal) from more than 300 government agencies nationwide.
  Started in 1995 as a graduate seminar at The School of Information and Library Studies at the University Of Michigan, this Internet Public Library site provides a wealth of worldwide newspapers and magazines on-line.
  The U. S. Business Advisor was created by The SBA, the National Partnership for Reinventing Government, and the U. S. Business Advisor integrating task force. Their goal is to make the relationship between business and government more productive.
  The National Federation of Independent Business refers to itself as “The Voice of Small Business.” It is the nation’s largest advocacy organization, with over 600,000 business owner members.
  The Small Business Journal is “Dedicated to the Growing Business” and posts interesting articles here.
  This is maintained by The Wall Street Journal’s Center for Entrepreneurs.
  The Risk Management Association is the professional group of lending and credit professionals. Originally founded in 1914 as Robert Morris Associates, it changed its name in June of 2000, and today has over 110 chapters of credit risk management professionals.
  A trade association representing the thrift industry (America’s Community Bankers) maintains this site.
  Despite the heavy advertising on this site, it’s interesting because much of the business content it delivers is in a TV format, so the articles are concise.
  The Bank Administration Institute is a professional organization of bankers and finance industry executives.
  The Credit Research Foundation emphasizes education plus researches issues related to credit, accounts receivable, and financial relationships with commercial customers.
  The National Association of Business Economists posts excellent surveys here, and maintains many links to sources of economic data.
  The National Association of Credit Management is the corporate counterpart to the banking industry’s Risk Management Association. This site lists its many credit services of value to corporate credit managers.
  Although this is the site for the Federal Consumer Information Center in Pueblo, CO its business section provides a few good downloads.
  Ewing Marion Kauffman was a Kansas City entrepreneur who founded Marion Labs. His foundation runs the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, and its programs are detailed herein.
  In addition to posting timely business articles this site lists all the programs supported by the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. It bills itself as “A World of Resources for Entrepreneurs.”
  The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Clearinghouse on Entrepreneurial Education (CELCEE) maintains a database of business education articles available through this site.
  Many of the articles which appear in the magazine of the same name are published at this site. Generally their focus is on the larger privately held companies in America rather than first generation start-ups.
  The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce maintains this site “To advocate, promote and facilitate the success of Hispanic business.”
  This National Black Chamber of Commerce site describes the programs available to minority owners of businesses.
  The National Small Business Council, Inc. posts on this site some interesting free content, including a good list of available government loans and grants.
  The Small Business Council of America “is the only national organization exclusively representing the federal income and estate tax, pension and other benefit interests of privately held and family owned businesses.” They post timely articles of interest to PCOs on this site.
  This is the site for The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc, which posts some interesting articles here.
  The Family Firm Institute is a Boston-based international professional organization dedicated to assisting family firms by increasing the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge of family business advisors, educators, researcher and consultants.
  The National Bureau of Economic Research is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of how the economy works. Its research is conducted by 600 university professors around the country. The NBER is usually viewed as providing the definitive declaration of when our economy enters and leaves a recession.
  This U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's site provides on-line searches which can be very useful when brainstorming new products, logos, taglines, and trademarks.
  Visit here to identify lobbyists and to quantify the amount of political donations at the party, state, and county levels.
  This site has content from 28 university-based family business centers, and provides links to them. Northeastern University's Center for Family Business is a primary sponsor.
  This organization represents the nation's community banks of all charter types and sizes.
  The Research Institute for Small & Emerging Business, Inc. is based in Washington, DC. Founded in 1976, it provides research on issues facing the formation and growth of small and emerging businesses.


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