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Like politics, all banking is local. Unlike politics, all discussions with bankers are treated with the highest level of discretion evident in business today.

Historically this has meant bankers cannot share with PCOs the missteps committed by their other clients.

That just changed!

Our Web site leverages the anonymity of the internet to provide a completely confidential forum for bankers to share the borrowing blunders made by others. (Review our Privacy Statement.)

Explain how a borrower made it difficult for you to provide the most appropriate financial solution. Submit your story (obviously on a non-traceable, no-name basis only, please). Some PCOs will read your tale but hopefully not replicate it.

Maybe you'd merely like to commiserate with your fellow bankers about an amazingly bizarre borrowing request. See if they can top your story.

Or seize this opportunity to applaude brilliant borrower's behavior which made your job exceptionally easy.

Editing will be done to ensure that no story could conceivably be connected with any individual person, bank, or company. Then the most illuminating experiences will be posted here for the benefit of other bankers and PCOs.

Please consider mentioning some of the following items in relating your own Remarkable Story.

1) What was the borrower's request?

2) What is the borrower's industry?

3) What are the "Lessons Learned" which will benefit others?

4) Any other comments or reflections on this experience?

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