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Banks are doing business to make money, not loans Keep these points in mind if you're asking banks for credit today.
Value Your Banker More Than You Value Your Bank Is a big bank or a small bank the best one for your company? Here's the answer!
Fiscal Fitness: How to look at your bank's condition Being in great financial shape is the most important characteristic of your company's ideal bank.
Perhaps It's Time To Think About Trading In Your Bank Private Company Owners often replace their banks for the same reasons they trade-in their automobiles.
Your New Business Venture May Already Be Bankable With the right approach, your new venture just might qualify for a bank loan much sooner than you think.
Adding More Investors May Be A Wrong Solution Adding more investors means more people asking why expenses exceed revenue.
Relationship vs. Transaction Buyer Mold Many banks today are differentiating between their Relationship and Transaction Buyer clients. Which approach best serves your company?
Personal Loan Guarantees Now Standard Bank Practice Although you’re probably hesitant to personally guarantee your company’s loans, there are some instances when you’re wise to do so.
Keys to remember when reviewing loan covenants Just like a decade ago, our anemic economy is again making it hard for some companies to abide by their loan agreement covenants. If yours is one of these companies, keep in mind these principles as you review your compliance levels.
Five Questions Can Determine Degree of Banker’s Support In a soft economy, companies want to know if they can count on their bank's support. Asking these 5 questions will dispel any doubt . . .


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